Jumbo Train: When Will It Be Okay

Jumbo Train - When Will It Be Okay

Jumbo Train Singer-Songwriter Pens New Signature Song In Hours After Cancer Diagnosis

Canadian music composer and performer, Dennis Kalichuk, claims that artistic inspiration can come from almost anywhere. He will tell you that his favourite and best work has come from the fragments of shrapnel from some kind of explosive emotional event – good or bad. In this case it just happened to be a medical diagnosis that no one wants to hear.

“This one just feels very special ,” claims Kalichuk. “I mean, music is music but this one seems like an important journey as much as just a song. And this journey, from the very beginning to the very end is one we all share, and some of things alluded to in When Will It Be Okay we will all experience on some level.”

“When Will It Be Okay” is set for official release on Friday, March 24th on all major music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon, and Apple along with an accompanying official music video on Youtube and Facebook."