Al Qahwa: Live at DROM Taberna

Al Qahwa: Live at DROM Taberna

Come hear Al Qahwa - fresh from their showcase in Medellín, Colombia at Circulart 2024!

Al Qahwa
Sunday, June 23 from 8 to 10 pm
DROM Taberna - Toronto

Al Qahwa is Maryem Tollar on vocals, riqq (Arabic tambourine) and qanun (Arabic table harp); Ernie Tollar on wind instruments; Demetri Petsalakis on oud and Naghmeh Fahrahmand on percussion, Waleed Abdulhamid on bass and vocals and Lauren Barnett on b.up vocals and sax.

Al Qahwa performs original compositions, as well as popular traditional Arabic repertoire – from Sufi Devotional Love songs from the Arab World to popular folk songs, to classic Egyptian songs made famous by the stars of Egypt (the Hollywood of the Middle East).

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