Lynn Miles: TumbleWeedyWorld

Lynn Miles - TumbleWeedyWorld
Album Release and Concerts  

Lynn Miles & True North Records Present TumbleWeedyWorld New album available everywhere March 17!

Lynn Miles has the kind of voice that insists that you pull the car over. She’s been blessed with such a drop dead beautiful honey smooth voice that it’s impossible to not fall in love with it. It rides along the ebb and flow of a gifted sense of melody. She’s the kind of lyricist that renders whatever heartache you feel into something both beautiful and aching. She also is extremely funny. Like she’s carrying an antidote to inject you with between songs to cure you of the snake bite. 

On her newest album TumbleWeedyWorld, Lynn sings about the differences between people, which ultimately only demonstrates how we are all so much the same. As always her ever-emotive voice carries each lyric with breathtaking clarity and heart-wrenching emotion, showcasing her talent as a singer and songwriter. 

As Lynn says: “They’re songs about navigating life’s hurdles, about dodging tumbleweeds, about leaving stuck situations. On the surface, they’re hurtin’ songs about two people who can’t make things work.“ 


Sat. March 18, 8 pm
Red Bird Live – Ottawa 

Fri. March 24, 8 pm
Hugh's Room - Toronto 

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