Member Show: Marc Audet

Marc Audet - Forgotten Memories of the Ottawa Valley
March 4, 2023 - Little Red Wagon Winery, Shawville, QC

"Forgotten Memories of the Ottawa Valley"" is a unique folk music show that is a collection of songs about the history and heritage of the Ottawa Valley. Little Red Wagon Winery at Shawville PQ is hosting the 2 hour show on Saturday March 04.

The songs of Forgotten Memories have been arranged to provide a musical tour of the Ottawa Valley, with introductory narratives (story telling) providing informative insights to the days and the ways of the past. The songs reflect the early years of river travels, immigration, logging, farming, rural/frontier life, and the effects of later industrialization. These topics are relevant to areas beyond the Ottawa Valley because the early peoples everywhere in what became Canada would have experienced similar challenges with settlement, travel, and life. Effort has been put into researching the topics of the songs and the repertoire continues to grow as new stories are put to song. This “folklore” style of entertainment is an appealing for people with an interest in history and heritage. Every story is true.

Marc Audet is a folk music songwriter from the Ottawa Valley, specializing in historical songwriting and a focus on Canadian history and heritage."

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