Taylor Abrahamse: Live in Lockdown

Taylor Abrahamse: Live in Lockdown

If you knew you had 60 days before losing your favorite place on Earth, what would you do? The 'Live In Lockdown' album series from Kerrville Newfolk-Winner and Mariposa finalist Taylor Abrahamse is a real-life answer to that question - a joyous, raw & relentless celebration of creativity & friendship in the face of profound loss. Despite managing to find investors to save their one of a kind, 7-room recording studio (Silverthorn Studios), Taylor and studio co-founder Bryn Scott-Grimes were shocked to have their competitive offers declined & suddenly being tasked with destroying their studio, and moving out of Toronto with their finances, friend circle & clientele devastated.

In those manic final weeks before demolition, Taylor recorded versions of over 100 songs for 'Live In Lockdown' and other upcoming projects, including songs about the unconscionable recent events. 'Live In Lockdown' Vol 1 was released late April, compiled from two stripped-down concerts of previously unreleased Taylor originals, performed back to back March 6th 2022 at the studio and simulcast on Twitch and Youtube.

Additional mixing and promotion funds for the album were raised in a unique way - through small business album sponsors. These sponsors are given a shoutout (and sometimes custom jingles) by Taylor near the end of the album - a perpetual ad at the end of the record.

Future Live In Lockdown releases intend to be funded in much the same way. as a way of small businesses and independent artists to 'lift each other up' in the face of powerful big business interests & monopolies that threaten independent business, and in many ways, harm everyone's quality of life.

There is hope for the future of Silverthorn as well. Taylor has made an agreement with legendary Toronto venue Hugh's Room Live that is looking more promising by the day, if Hugh's Room can secure the necessary funds to buy an East-End Toronto Church, they have agreed to work with Taylor & Bryn to build Silverthorn Studios back even better as part of a non-profit arts & community center.