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2022 Folk in Film Festival Official Selections

Folk in Film Festival - Feature

Full Length Feature

10AM-12PM, Friday, October 14. Windsor Club, 2nd floor, DoubleTree Hotel

Sultans of String - The Refuge Project: Visual Album

Directed by Chris McKhool

Mixed in full Dolby Atmos, this ambitious, diverse, inclusive, and passionately political film puts NY Times and Billboard-charting world music supergroup Sultans of String face-to-face with a VIP roster of global ‘ambassadors,’ some of whom are recent immigrants and refugees to Canada and the U.S., as well as essential Indigenous voices.

Filmed in: Istanbul, New York, Six Nations Reserve, Toronto, Burlington another locations

Year: 2022

95 minutes

Followed by a Q&A with Chris McKhool

Refreshments provided

Folk in Film Festival Screening - Music Videos

Live Action Music Video

3PM-4:30PM, Friday, October 14. Windsor Club, 2nd Floor, DoubleTree Hotel

King Cardiac: “Amsterdam,” directed by Gabriel DeSantis

King Cardiac: “When It Burns To The Ground,” directed by Gabriel DeSantis

Moonfruits: “Atoms Of The Apartment,” directed by Andrew Robillard

Blue Moon Marquee: “Scream, Holler & Howl,” produced by Raymond Knight

Zachari Smith: “Born To Dance,” directed by Zachari Smith and Avery Smith

The Accidentals: “Cityview,” directed by Brian Michael Raetz

The Accidentals: “Go Getter,” directed by Brian Michael Raetz

Jeremy Voltz: “Fall Apart,” directed by Cameron Walker, Rachel Cameron

Émilie Landry: “Shanel,” directed by Sarah L'Italien

Angelique Francis: “Take Command,” directed by Angelique Francis

Lunar Bloom: “Call Me A Woman,” directed by Gavin Michael Booth

Claire Coupland: “1000 Miles From A Dream,” directed by Leta Cushing-Woodcock, Ali Calladine

Tragedy Ann: “The Shield,” directed by Tragedy Ann, edited by Sarah Kierstead

Hannah Shira Naiman: “The Wheels Won’t Go,” directed by Tim O’Reilly

Moira Smiley and Dawn Pemberton: “Oh Susannah,” produced by David Weber, Dawn Pemberton, and Moira Smiley. Footage from "Palmour St" from the Library of Congress, edited by Jacob Blumberg

Sandra Bouza: “Finding Home,” directed by Richard Gottardo

Mia Kelly: “Kitchissippi,”directed by Randy Kelly

Logan Staats: “Simple Man,” directed by Tim O’Reilly

Followed by a Q&A with filmmakers.

Folk in Film Festival - Shorts

Short Documentary & Film

10AM-12PM, Saturday, October 15. Windsor Club, 2nd floor, DoubleTree Hotel

How To Lose Everything

Directed by Christa Couture and bekky O’Neil

Christa Couture lost her leg, her children, her marriage, and her voice.

Toronto, Ontario, 2022, 5 minutes.

The Musical Evolution of Mairi Campbell

Directed by Adeniyi Adewumi

This documentary focuses on understanding the musical trajectory of Mairi Campbell, a Scottish singer who underwent a musical evolution at the peak of her career.

Scotland, 2022, 10 minutes.

French Enough

Directed by Alexis Normand

At her family’s summer cabin, singer-songwriter Alexis Normand weaves old home movies with current conversations to illuminate the struggle and triumph of reclaiming francophone Canadian identity on the Prairies.

Wakaw Lake, Saskatchewan, 2022, 18 minutes.

Rhythm First

Directed by Joe M. Smith

This documentary follows Kunle’s journey as an artist through music and storytelling, as Kunle carves out a musical niche and builds community in Toronto.

Toronto, Ontario, 2022, 24 minutes.

Blue Moon Ballad

Directed by Barclay Martin

A short film about a little band on a little island and their music, garden, motorcycles, and other creative projects.

Filmed with gratitude on Coast Salish Territory, 2022, 13 minutes


Directed by Tim O'Reilly

An intimate glimpse into the life, craft, art, and the storytelling of Teilhard Frost.

Wolfe Island, Ontario, 2021, 33 minutes.

Followed by a Q&A with filmmakers.

Refreshments provided.

Folk in Film Festival - Animated

Animated Music Video

3:45PM-5PM, Saturday, October 15. Windsor Club, 2nd floor, DoubleTree Hotel

David Donar: “John Henry,” directed by David Donar

Moonfruits: “Les Marins,” directed by Moonfruits, illustrated by Elodie Evanno [O’lee Graphiste], animated by Andrew Robillard

Will Gillespie: “Let The Money Keep You Warm,” directed by Susan Robinson

Moira & Claire: “Delaney’s Dad,” directed by Ray Antonison

Laura Barrett: “Museum Tour Guide,” directed by Jared Sales

Lynne Hanson: “Shadowland,” directed by Nathan Morrow

Onna Lou: “Serpentinas,” directed by Tuty Moreno Campos and Ariel Guerchicoff

Isabel Fryszberg & The Uncommons: “Distance,” directed by Isabel Fryszberg with animation by Ronley Teper and Saul Lederman

Bet Smith: “Forgive You,” illustrations and animation by Bet Smith

Tragedy Ann: “The Ghost of John McGowan,” directed by Sandy McLennan

Followed by a Q&A with filmmakers.