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Cliquez ici pour lire en français. Folk Music Ontario (FMO) is Canada’s largest provincial organization devoted to the folk, roots, and traditional music community. For over 37 years, FMO and its membership have supported the growth and development of the folk music community and industry across Ontario and Canada through the annual Folk Music Ontario Conference, Developing Artist Program, Festivals' Retreat, Export Development Program, Peer Sessions, Ontario Folk Music Awards, Folk in Film Festival, Year-round Professional Development Seminars, FMO Community Folk Fest, and more!

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2024 Folk Music Ontario Conference Location & Dates:

October 3-6, 2024 in Mississauga, ON

We look forward to welcoming our community to the Delta Hotel Mississauga, for the 38th Annual Folk Music Ontario Conference. This is going to be an experience like no other, right in the heart of Mississauga City Centre! Sign up for our newsletter, or become a member to get the latest updates on conference programming and early bird registration.


Photo: The Snake Charmer, performing at FMO 2023, by David Leyes


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Photo: Red Fox performing at FMO 2023, by David Leyes

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Nick Faye, Cassie Noble, Gamekeeper: GOOD BUDS Tour

Nick Faye, Cassie Noble, Gamekeeper: GOOD BUDS Tour

Three Indie Folk artists, honest emotions, little laughs, string lights, vibes. This tour will feel like hangin' with yer good buds in a cozy coffee shop that feels like home.

Nick Faye…

Read more

Who/What/Where is folk?

Richmond Tavern audience in London at Jeremy Voltz' Spotlight Showcase. Photo by Tim O'Reilly

At Folk Music Ontario we think of 'Folk' as being made by the people for the people; informed by cultural traditions, guided by a shared set of social priorities, and carving new and innovative pathways through its connection to the global roots of music, storytelling, and folklore.

At the 2023 Folk Music Ontario Conference, more than 16 languages were represented, and artists that ranged from Hip Hop, Chamber Music, Electronica, Singer/Songwriter, Rock, Bluegrass, Swing, and so much more, all sharing a common grounding in cultural creativity and connection. 


Meet our 2024 Board of Directors and Staff

 From left to right:

Jaymie Karn (Programs Assistant),
Cassidy Houston (Vice President), Candace Shaw (Director),
Jo Proulx (Director),
Cécile Doo-Kingué (President),
Sherry Sinclaire (Member At-Large),
Umair Jaffar (Treasurer),
Rosalyn Dennett (Executive Director), Chris Greencorn (Director),
Tara Williamson (Secretary),
Joel Elliott (Operations Manager).

Not pictured: Shakura S'Aida, Rachel Petersen, Val Denn, Julie Fowler, Karrnnel Sawitzky.

2022 Conference Highlights

2023 Conference Highlights


At Folk Music Ontario / Musique Folk de l’Ontario (FMO), our mission is to preserve and promote Canadian folk music, empower folk musicians at all career stages, and foster an inclusive and vibrant folk music community through advocacy, education, and collaboration. We are dedicated to serving as a comprehensive resource and catalyst for the growth, recognition, and sustainability of the folk music industry across Canada. 

Our organization is driven by the belief that folk music serves as a powerful medium for storytelling, cultural expression, and community connection. We work tirelessly to ensure the continued vitality of this art form, preserving its traditions while also fostering innovation, exploring technology, and embracing contemporary influences.  

As a leading force in supporting and nurturing the diverse talents that comprise Canada's folk music landscape, we are dedicated to providing folk musicians with the necessary tools, resources, and platforms to develop their craft, reach wider audiences, and build sustainable careers. By offering our annual conference, mentorship programs, workshops, performance and networking opportunities, we aim to empower artists at every stage of their artistic journey, from aspiring newcomers to seasoned professionals. 

Inclusivity lies at the heart of our organization. We are committed to fostering a welcoming and supportive environment that celebrates the diverse voices, cultures, and traditions within Canadian folk music. By actively promoting equity, diversity, and inclusivity, we aim to ensure that all artists, from all backgrounds, genders, and abilities, have equal opportunities to participate, collaborate, and shine within the folk music community. 

As an arts service organization, we recognize the importance of building strong partnerships with like-minded organizations, government agencies, and community stakeholders. Through collaborative efforts, we seek to amplify our impact, and advocate for increased recognition and support for folk music. Together, we can nurture a thriving and resilient folk music industry that serves as a testament to our unique cultural diversity and shared collective identity.


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