Export Development Program presented by Folk Music Canada

The Folk Music Canada Export Development Program (EDP) brings together presenters from regional, national, and international markets, pairing them with export-ready showcasing artists for one-on-one pitch meetings.  

For Artists, these meetings are an invaluable opportunity for to get one-on-one time with delegates (presenters, festival bookers, music supervisors, agents, and more) let them know about their showcases, give them a picture of their project and future plans, get more information about the delegates and their organizations - and maybe even book some gigs!  

For delegates, these meetings expand connections with the Canadian Folk community and aim to increase the number of exporting performers from Ontario and Canada.   

As it is only available to our Showcasing Artists & their representatives - this exclusive program is one of the most sought after networking opportunities at Folk Music Ontario.  

These meetings take place via a series of curated pre-conference Zoom meetings, as well as the opportunity for in-person networking at the FMO conference.

The Canadian Arabic Orchestra performing at London Music Hall of Fame Spotlight Showcase