The Pairs - When Will We Find Our Way?

The Pairs - When Will We Find Our Way? 
Release - March 1, 2023 

When Will We Find Our Way? Is the title of The Pairs new upcoming album. This project has been slowly coming to life over the last three years. 

This album is a collection of songs that engage with our own experiences of unraveling and learning how to embrace the parts of our identities that our culture has shamed us into ignoring. 

"As we prepare to put this project out into the world, we are looking to our community for additional financial support in making it a reality. All 6 songs have been recorded and your participation in this preorder is a way you can directly contribute to our ongoing music creation and distribution efforts. We’re so excited for you to hear it, and if you purchase through this campaign, you’ll have your hands on a copy by Spring 2023. Every little bit supports the variety of costs associated with a project like this. We hope the items you purchase bring you as much joy as they bring us! If you follow the link above or below, you can see the pre-order options that we have listed for purchase."

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