ReFolkUs Episode 4: Performing with Confidence w/ Angelique Francis

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LISTEN NOW - Episode 4: Performing with Confidence w/ Angelique Francis

Angelique Francis’ live shows are truly a spectacle and something to behold, but what goes into the planning of a truly energetic and captivating live show?  

This week on ReFolkUs, we dive into the career of a rapidly rising star, what it’s like to work so closely with her family, and the process they undertake to ensure that every live performance is not only entertaining, but tailored for each audience.

Angelique Francis is a versatile and exceptionally gifted musician. The multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist, multi-genre singer- songwriter/composer has wowed audiences across the globe with her electrifying performances, instrumental abilities and powerful textured vocals. She is known for her eclectic mix of various musical genres including Folk, Blues, Soul, Roots, Gospel and Americana. Her diversity, passion and love of music can be heard in all of her original compositions. 

Disclaimer - This interview was recorded prior to the 2023 JUNO Award ceremonies where Angelique was awarded the 2023 Blues Album of the Year award!! Congratulations!!

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