Cassie Noble: Nowhere to Go but Everywhere

Cassie Noble: Nowhere to Go but Everywhere

Recorded in her late Father’s empty house, Cassie Noble's first full-length album holds stories of various kinds of grief; it brings together the pain and joys of human existence in an honest way, using a combination of ethereal soundscapes, acoustic instruments, and emotional vocal clarity.

"The album's opening track, "Jennings Creek", sets the tone with Cassie's voice being accompanied only by her acoustic guitar (along with a touch of bass). These are the sounds that I've come to know and love.

But what sets this release apart from her previous work is the superior production. The reverb is set to accentuate the purity of her voice rather than to mask any flaws. The instrumentation, while more than interesting on its own, is designed to support the song. There's a little bit more "space", giving way to introspection and fleeing thoughts. There's a certain atmosphere that hovers over this album.

It reminds you of those few minutes between the sunset and complete darkness. Cassie continues to grow as a musician." - Olivier LeBlanc

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