Sandra Bouza: The City

Sandra Bouza: The City
The song was released as the first single from Sandra’s latest album A Sound In The Dark. ‘The City’ shows us a nostalgic look at youthful ignorance. “This is a song about the naïve exuberance of youth,” says Sandra. “Trying to bypass your innocence because you think you’ve got it all figured out. I really felt a connection to Neil Young’s ‘Birds’ when I wrote this song.”

Known as musical shapeshifter, playing R&B, Soul, Rock, and everything in between, Sandra Bouza has a lot to offer through her music and life experience. Having spent a large part of her life in Spain, as well as travelling to far corners of the world, Sandra’s worldly vision is evident in her songwriting. Sandra lets her stories breathe in songs that are deeply personal.

Conceived during an artist's residency on Halls Island, this album; ‘A Sound in the Dark’ represents a return for Sandra to her folk/classic rock roots, while still maintaining the soulful sound that she has built upon in her career.

This video is beautifully shot throughout Toronto and was directed by the incredibly talented Nicolas Flood and shot along with the equally brilliant Gursimran Sandhu. They managed to capture the essence of any major city, with its beauty and its flaws, its joy and sadness. Despite the division that intercepts so many areas, we are all part of both sides, good and bad, and we all get lost in that chaos and forget the duality sometimes.

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