Call to Action for our Canadian Music Community

Dear FMO Community,

We’re seeking your help to spread the word about the importance of bolstering federal government funding to the Canada Music Fund, Canada Arts Presentation Fund, and the Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage. 

FMO is proud partners of the Canadian Live Music Association (CLMA), and the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA), who have been working hard to compel the government to address historic gaps in program budgets and policy.

Timing is everything.

The federal Finance Committee released its pre-budget recommendations. While the asks of the industry are included in the recommendations, this does NOT mean they will make it into the budget itself. 

As such, we’re asking for your help to promote these recommendations through your channels, and ensure the government hears how important they are for the industry and the impact they have on Canadian artists, presenters, and music businesses. 

Continuing to amplify the messaging from CLMA and CIMA remains essential. 

We encourage you to follow up with your own MP and ask them to support the recommendations (listed below) as we head into the final weeks before the budget, which is expected to be released mid-March. 

We also urge you to write directly to the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister by email and/or on social media, and tell them why these recommendations must find their way into the budget this year. ie. How would they make a difference to your organization or business, to artists and to your employees?

FINA recommendations:

  • Recommendation 221: Fulfill the commitment to a permanent increase to the Canada Music Fund along with additional funding for new live programming.
  • Recommendation 224: Make the enhancements to the base budget of the Canada Arts Presentation Fund and the Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage program in 2019–2020 permanent.
  • Recommendation 220: Increase annual contributions to the Canada Music Fund to ensure better and more stable funding for the music sector, taking into account inflation, labour shortages and the unique circumstances of the entertainment sector, with a view to providing export and financial support for:
    • the production and marketing of recorded music and shows, especially of benefit to emerging artists, and workforce retention and training. 

Thank you in advance for your  support and effort to date - it would be impossible to achieve these goals, without it.