John Ian: In Limbo

John Ian: In Limbo 

“In Limbo” was released by John Ian on February 1st as a work in progress album/interim EP. It is only available on Bandcamp and currently features six old and new songs that were recorded and produced with the help of Dave Draves (Little Bullhorn Studios, Ottawa) and Gareth Auden-Hole (Là Là Studio, Gatineau) in 2023.

When life – because it’s life – took some unexpected turns, what was supposed to turn into one, or more likely two, full album(s) worth of Alternative Folk/Adult Contemporary music ended up as a project in limbo. New mixes as well as additional tracks will be added over time until the final songs are ready to be released on all major music platforms.

What to expect? Darkness, light, a conversation at the kitchen table, saying thanks to Bruce Springsteen, a cryptic love song, dying to be reborn…

“In Limbo” is available for free, however, donations are more than welcome to help finish the album(s)

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