We need your voice NOW to impact future funding for live music!

Since the Federal budget process began in August 2023, FMO has been working with the Canadian Live Music Association (CLMA), helping them to advocate for the live music sector:

  • The #FutureOfLIVE campaign, advocating for more funding for CAPF and BCAH
  • The #KeepYourPromise campaign, advocating for the Canada Music Fund (CMF)

We’ve heard from our friends at the CLMA that there is STILL TIME to advocate for more funding in the 2024 Federal Budget, even in the case of the CMF, which had a boost announced last weekend. 
Here are five things you can do right now to make a difference for our industry in the budget, no matter what your role in the business:

  • Call and email your MP (no matter which party) and tell them that you need urgent action to help save our endangered live music venues, festivals, and events; here’s an example of language you can use. Even if you’ve already contacted your MP, go back and reinforce the issues for them and ask them to stand up for you. Ask them to personally call Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, hold them accountable, have them let you know when they have done that.
  • Tell your local media and MP about what will happen if there is no increased funding. It’s hard to talk openly sometimes for fear of compromising other revenue (like sponsorships), or shaking confidence. But the government needs to know the difficult truth about what we are up against. Share what you can as soon as you can. We are hearing this over and over: “I never hear from my constituents, so how bad could it really be?” Now is the time to make sure they know. Now - not after the budget, but today.
  • Use social media to tag (tags below) Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Canadian Heritage Minister Pascale St. Onge on social media and remind them directly that live music needs their help. Share a short personal story if you have space, tag your own MP when doing so.
  • If you are a Canadian-owned and operated independent live music venue, promoter, and/or commercial festival, thank the government (this is really important, lead with “thank you”) for the increase to the Canada Music Fund and remind them that live venues, festivals, and events are endangered. That they need to do everything they can to ensure that artists can continue to tour our incredible spaces and stages. If you are a large company, talk about the ecosystem and how essential independent local operators are to your own value chain and success. Reinforce for government that these companies and organizations are on the edge, and that their demise impacts everyone.
  • Activate your own networks; your mailing lists, your subscribers and patrons. Share with them and ask them to join us as we fight for increases to critical programs that for many will be the difference between remaining operational or not.


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Chrystia Freeland
Pascale St. Onge
Justin Trudeau
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Use the tags #ForTheLoveOfLIVE #FutureOfLIVE #KeepYourPROMISE if space permits. 

Thanks in advance for your advocacy! We are creating impact, and will continue to, with this final push. Let’s lean in hard over the next three weeks to leverage this desperately needed support. In doing so we can create more opportunities for the artists we love - and the venues, festivals and events we all love, and very much need.

Thanks in advance for your help!

The FMO Team