ReFolkUs Episode 10 BONUS: Breathing Tips To Calm Nerves w/ Cindy Doire

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LISTEN NOW - Episode 10 BONUS: Breathing Tips To Calm Nerves w/ Cindy Doire

It’s a fallacy to believe that if love to perform, that you won’t get nervous… Or that if you’re working in your passion, that you won’t feel anxiety.

The truth is actually anything but, and musicians and artists, like any humans, can feel stressed before, during and after performances (i.e. at any time in life!).

But don’t let the truth about stress get you down. The path forward to creating greater calm can be easier than you think - and Cindy Doire, registered psychotherapist, is here to show you the way. 

Discover powerful breathing techniques that can ground you in the present moment, and bring you back into your body. Experience the empowerment of regaining control over your anxiety, and add another tool in your toolbox for mental health and wellness. 

Take a deep breath and tune in now!

About Cindy Doire 

Cindy is a registered psychotherapist (qualifying), a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), a somatic coach, and an award-winning singer/songwriter. As a therapist, teacher, artist, and coach, she embraces how different every day and every moment is, and she allows the flow direction to come from the here-and-now. The journey is never linear, and it looks different for everyone; embracing individuality and the complexity of each person is essential.