ReFolkUs Episode 10: Finding Your Folk w/ Kejo Buchanan

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LISTEN NOW - Episode 10: Finding Your Folk w/ Kejo Buchanan

Folk has been described as music  “by the people, for the people” but does that include all people?

In today’s episode, we chat with Folk Recovery Executive Producer, Kejo Buchanan, who walks us through their thoughts of how the future of folk is being defined by Artists and Community. 

We chat about the different ways in which gatekeepers still prevail in this genre, and celebrate the ways in which we can be more inclusive and forward thinking.

Tune in to find out how you can learn from your own journey, as we embark on a renewed quest to ‘find your Folk’.

As a bonus, you’ll bear witness to host Rosalyn Dennett coming up with the phrase “Folk around and find out”. Tshirt anyone?

About Kejo Buchanan  

Kejo Buchanan is a knowledge sharer and creative, invested as a Librarian at the Toronto Reference Library Arts Department, they host the show Jali Journey that curates folk acoustic sound through community radio at, and is the Executive Producer for