Episode 3: Breaking Through Burnout w/ Dondrea Erauw

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Two years ago, our guest left a successful career doing what she loved in one of the most sought-after industry jobs: Music Supervision. 

Why? Burnout. 

Today, we speak with Dondrea Erauw, the author of Bye Bye Burnout, a newsletter dedicated to providing insight and tips on how to avoid unhealthy work habits, and turn burnout into creativity. Working a job in the music industry can be wonderfully fulfilling, but sometimes what seems like success can evolve into wearing too many hats, and working at all hours of the day and night. This episode dogs into how we can identify burnout, and move through it (or hopefully avoid it!), to a healthier work/folk/life balance.

Dondrea has had 10 years' experience as a music supervisor at Instinct Entertainment (founded by Michael Perlmutter). Originally from Caledonia, Ontario, Dondrea had the miraculous opportunity of working on a number of films and television shows such as "Spinning Out" (Netflix) and Canada's iconic series, "Degrassi". She is a two-time award winner and in April of 2021, she was presented with a Guild of Music Supervisors' award for her work in the film "The Cuban"

Dondrea is also a singer-songwriter, creating blissfully raw and vulnerable music that is influenced by her surroundings and mother nature.

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