Episode 17: Sustaining a Healthy Career w/ Anna Ruddick

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In this week’s episode of ReFolkUs, we dive into the world of wellness for musicians, with special guest Anna Ruddick, a renowned bassist, and passionate advocate for musicians' mental, physical, and financial well-being. 

Navigating the intricate landscape of a creative career can be a daunting task for anyone, but musicians face unique circumstances that demand a specialized approach. Anna’s extensive experience as a professional musician and dedication to supporting her peers draws from her wealth of knowledge to offer invaluable advice and strategies for artists aiming to create long lasting and sustainable careers. 

She sheds light on the significance of setting realistic financial goals, managing taxes as a musician, and planning for long-term financial stability. Furthermore, Anna highlights the essential role of organizations like the Unison Fund in supporting musicians during challenging times. She discusses the resources and assistance available through the Unison Fund, emphasizing its mission to provide emergency financial relief, counseling, and healthcare support to musicians in need. 

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Anna Ruddick is a graduate of McGill university’s Jazz Performance program and postgraduate studies in Arts Administration and Cultural Management at Humber College. In her young career, Anna has risen to become one of the most in-demand and versatile bassists in Canada. She has performed on more than fifty studio albums spanning across many genres. Some of her notable recording work includes Randy Bachman’s power trio album ‘Heavy Blues’ (2015), Bry Webb’s critically acclaimed studio album ‘Free Will’ (2014) and live album ‘Live at Massey Hall’ (2015), Paul Reddick’s 2017 Juno Award winning album ‘Ride The One’ (2016) and Lee Harvey Osmond’s 2020 Juno Award winning album “Mohawk” (2019). 

In addition to her session work, Anna has performed live and toured with a who’s-who of Canadian and international artists, most notably City and Colour, Fefe Dobson, Amanda Rheaume, Erin Costelo, and Ian Blurton’s quartet Future Now. After over a decade as a full-time working musician, Anna is passionate about advocating for the financial and emotional wellbeing of Canadian Music Industry workers and has been working with The Unison Fund, Canada’s Music Charity since 2020, as Manager of Industry Relations.

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