Ep. 27: The Art of Booking Pt. 2 - Folk On The Rocks w/ Carly McFadden

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Today, we are releasing the second episode in our series titled ‘The Art of Booking’ where we speak with Artistic Directors of music festivals from across Canada. In this week's episode, we chat to Carly McFadden, the Artistic Director of Folk On The Rocks Music Festival in the Northwest Territories.

Carly chats to us about what the experience is like both attending and performing at the festivals’ unique location under the midnight sun. She also dives into her booking process, what she is looking for when curating the lineup, other year-round opportunities for artists in NWT, and general advice for artists who are looking to perform on festival stages.

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Carly also recommends checking out the Snowkings’ Winter Festival held on Yelllowknife Bay, NWT


Since 2016, Carly McFadden has been the Artistic and Executive Director of the Folk On The Rocks Music Festival which is taking place July 19-21st 2024 in Yellowknife, NWT under the midnight sun. Carly also works as an artist manager at Victory Pool which is a label and artist management company, working with a fantastic roster of artists including FMO Artist alumni Ellen Froese and Status NonStatus.


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