Ep. 29: The Art of Booking Pt. 3 - Summerfolk Music & Crafts Festival w/ James Keelaghan

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Today, we are releasing the third episode in our series titled ‘The Art of Booking’ where we speak with Artistic Directors of music festivals from across Canada. In this week's episode, we chat to James Keelaghan, the Artistic Director of Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival in Owen Sound, Ontario.

James chats to us about what he looks for when programming the lineup and booking artists for the festival. He also shares how his career as a touring musician has taken him to festivals around the world, allowing him to gather inspiration to incorporate into the fabric of Summerfolk - elevating the overall experience for all attending.

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James Keelaghan, a Juno award-winning singer-songwriter, seamlessly channels thirty-five years of touring experience into his role as Artistic Director of the Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival in Owen Sound, Ontario. His musical journey enhances the festival's programming, especially his curation of daytime workshop stages, a signature feature of Summerfolk.

Presented by Folk Music Ontario
Hosted by Rosalyn Dennett
Produced by Kayla Nezon and Rosalyn Dennett
Mixed by Jordan Moore of The Pod Cabin
Theme music “Amsterdam” by King Cardiac
Artwork by Jaymie Karn

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