Ep. 31: The Art of Booking Pt. 4 - Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival with Louis Robitaille

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Today, we are releasing the fourth episode in our series titled ‘The Art of Booking’ where we speak with Artistic Directors of music festivals from across Canada. In this week's episode, we chat to Louis Robitaille, the Artistic Director of Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Louis discusses the format of the festival, which includes performance sets on the main stage, fiddle and dance workshops, and song circles. He also touches on his process of building the lineups each year and how he seeks to book artists based on the theme of the festival for that year. Louis also shares insights and tips on developing a market in Nova Scotia and building a tour there.

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Louis Robitaille is the President and Program Chair of the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Society, a volunteer-run, charitable organization with the mandate to present folk music and folklore on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Louis has volunteered for the organization for over 20 years. Louis is an educator with over 25 years teaching college and currently works as a staff officer for the Nova Scotia Teachers Union.

Presented by Folk Music Ontario
Hosted by Rosalyn Dennett
Produced by Kayla Nezon and Rosalyn Dennett
Mixed by Jordan Moore of The Pod Cabin
Theme music “Amsterdam” by King Cardiac
Artwork by Jaymie Karn

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